What do you Value?

What do you value? Is it social media, television, mainstream news, your favorite apps, or your boss at work?

All of these distractions compete for your attention. All of them subtly or not so subtly feed you information about what to think, what to feel, how to react. 

It becomes a degenerative cycle of hot button issues, anger, and frustration, resulting in anxiety or depression. The Gallup Global Emotions Report for 2022, shows unhappiness is at an all time high.

Here is my question.  Why give others the power to tell you where to focus your powerful attention, when it causes a major dilution of your personal energy, and disconnects you from you innate gifts and happiness?

What if you took back your power and started making decisions based on what you would like to see in the world, not from a fearful lens of what might happen, but through a life affirming consciously creative lens that comes from your heart and mind?  What if you started to question everything about what you have been taught about society, work, business, and life and started making decisions by connecting to your inner wisdom? 

Many are starting to do this, recognizing there is a better way of living and being. They turn off the TV, their phones, and computers and start focusing on what is important to them. After a bit of discomfort from an absence of the constant noise, they start to feel it.




Most intuitively start looking for “something” else. Many are drawn to nature, as seen by the huge increase in visitation at natural areas and parks during covid.  This is how it should be.  A reconnection with the natural world. Feeling healthier mentally and physically in nature’s presence.  Reconnecting to your heart, soul, and mind in self-loving ways.  Allowing you to create thoughts and actions that are life affirming.

Better for your health.

Better for your soul.

Better for your life, work, family, friends.

Better for nature. Helping it and you to thrive, for one cannot without the other.

You have a choice.

Create the life you want.

Let others create it for you. 

Which feels better?

It has been a privilege and gift for me to help people form these reconnections.

It’s the most important journey you can make, for if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t have anything left to give to others.

Reconnect with life, your values, and your innate gifts.

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Warm Regards,

Author Christine Freeland, Founder Sirius Leadership – Guiding Star for Harmony