Meeting Doldrums? Change it up.

This newsletter topic is about everyone’s favorite………………. Meetings!

What? It’s not your favorite? You mean it’s waaay down toward the bottom of your list of things you like to do? It didn’t even make the list?

A large majority of the meetings I have been to, have been excruciatingly dull, unproductive, stifling, and generally a big waste of time.

It goes something like this:

All of the division heads or supervisors meet in a big room around a large table. There is a pre-set agenda of topics passed out by the leader of the group. The topics are discussed, decisions are made or usually not made, and reflect the thoughts of individuals in the room, no further. Then everyone goes around the room talking about what they are doing and how it may affect the other divisions (i.e.., each other). There are no voices present who may be affected by decisions based on the discussions. Those who are thoughtful and quiet, get ignored. Several people get shut down by the leader because their opinion doesn’t mesh the pre-decided outcome. Much of the information gets diluted when passed on to other outside of the meeting, if it is at all, and out of context.  Topics get revisited over and over again until some type of decision gets made or the meeting members get tired of discussing it because they don’t see a viable solution that everyone agrees with. Each person comes to the meeting with their own personal agenda they want to push through for themselves, their division or workgroup.  Short term reactionary decision making is prevalent. People are half paying attention, some are looking at their phones and scrolling through email while others talk.

 Ring any bells?

 Now for an example of a New Way of Meeting: 

All members start the meeting with a moment of silence to focus on the present, putting personal agenda’s aside.   The meeting takes place outside in a natural setting or inside with big windows that look outside.  Any stakeholders (employees) that may be affected by decisions or discussions are invited to attend and are made to feel safe and welcome. Everyone shares what is emerging for them – what they are celebrating and what they are struggling with. Everyone present is given time to speak and are deeply and respectfully listened to. What emerges creates new generative dialogue, possibilities, and solutions. The leader of the group (or someone else) acts as the facilitator to bring out feelings, concerns, opinions, and ideas from the entire group. This roll switches for each meeting to avoid “power-over” mindsets. People feel free to contribute thoughts and feelings in this easy relaxed and co-creative environment. Everyone is open to what emerges.

New ideas start showing up that were not considered before. Consensus on actions and solutions are strived for. There is agreement and understanding of the benefits for the overall good of the whole. Long term solutions are focused on, in conjunction with short term actions. The meeting ends with a few minutes of silence, for grounding and inner connecting.

Which meeting would you like to be in?

Change it up.

Create new life-affirming ways of being a leader.

It makes good business sense and everyone benefits.

For those who are thinking it – you CAN have this type of meeting on-line.

Time to evolve stale, old practices into something better for all – organizations, society, and the planet.

If you would like to learn more, contact me. I have been there and understand the struggles and solutions.

Do you want to work in an environment where everyone thrives?

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Author Christine Freeland, Founder Sirius Leadership – Guiding Star for Harmony