Leadership, Love, and Nature

After many years of learning and experience, I have concluded that there is no one best approach to leadership.

No one “framework” that solves all the problems and challenges of each day.  We are distinct human beings with diverse experiences interwoven into our belief systems that effect how we operate, who we are, and how we lead.

We are constantly evolving and learning. When we stop learning, we stop evolving.  This evolution is necessary to create a future of abundance, community, reciprocity, and love.

Yes, LOVE.

Love is care and compassion for each other and all life. Especially in leadership.

Love is the opposite of fear, judgement, and hate.

It’s not squishy, it’s POWERFUL 

It takes true COURAGE.


It takes BEING OPEN to some else’s opinion that is different from yours.

It takes being ok with not having all the answers. If you believe you have all the answers, then nothing is changing. That’s stagnation.

The living world isn’t stagnant. Nature senses into what is needed and responds accordingly. 

The living world exists by forming networks of relationships with life in all its forms.

To be Nature it takes CONNECTING to others in ways that allow deep understanding and reverence for all life. This means deep trust and appreciation for divergent opinions, awareness, and growth through holding space and allowing for tensions.

Then it takes CHOOSING who you want to be. 

It takes INQUIRING about the experience’s others have had that formed their beliefs and values. 

It takes LISTENING deeply to your inner guidance. Heart-Mind-Body-Soul.

It takes being in SILENCE. 

It takes knowing when to REST, in its many forms. Knowing when others need to rest.

It take UNDERSTANDING your own emotions and what the message is behind them, so you are able to compassionately understand the emotions of others.

Nature continuously evolves, senses, and responds to changes in her environment, not seeking to maintain balance which leads to stagnation, but being comfortable with what is unfolding, and creating the life-giving conditions to support it. It is a continuous cycle – merging, emerging, diverging, converging. Beginning, ending, and beginning again.

We have been on a degenerative journey of separating ourselves from Nature. From our own well being.

It’s like losing a limb and then forgetting that you ever had it, and then wondering why it’s so hard to navigate through life.

Its time remember and honor that limb.

Go outside, sit on the ground, breath in the air that the living planet provides (clean air if we allow it).

Just observe.  Quiet your mind.

Open your heart. Breathe into it. Fill it with light and love.  The highest and healthiest vibration.

Find ways to nurture yourself in nature – you don’t need to cite studies about how beneficial it is, once you re-connect, you KNOW.

So, bring on the frameworks, the tools that do the valuable re-connecting needed to understand yourself and others. Understand how we are an integral part of life. Not above it. Part of it.

Once you understand and reconnect, lead from there.  It will look different from anyone else. 

It will be more ALLOWING over directing. LETTING GO over controlling.

It will be natural. It will be Nature.

Same thing.

Author Christine Freeland, Founder Sirius Leadership – Guiding Star for Harmony


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