Everything is Connected - What does it mean?

Everything is connected. People ask what I mean by that: Nature, the universe, the human body ecosystem, relationships, communities, organizations, and so much more. Just take the time to notice and you will see.

We have developed societies and work cultures that run opposite of these connections, where meaning is only found through competition and behaviors that separate. 

We only see individual pieces of the whole, siloed in linear thinking and operating within this limited lens.

We run our businesses, and organizations this way – no wonder we struggle. No wonder people are sleepwalking through their workday or experiencing, burnout, anxiety and overwhelm. Living our lives in separation is making us ill. Those who recognize this and change, thrive and are not stymied by complexity. They use the diverse collective intelligence of the whole to respond effectively with long term systemic results.

It’s time to open our minds and hearts to the new (old) realities – we need each other to survive through cooperation, connection, and life affirming practices for all. Most importantly for the natural world, for if we focus on all life thriving…….it will.  And us along with it. Businesses, organizations, communities, and the planet.

How can we lift each other up? What is truly most important to each of us for all life to thrive? I know what isn’t.  So will you if you stop and see all the patterns and relationships.  Reconnect. See how we are all part of a planetary collective intertwined with nature and the elements. Each of our unique gifts contributes to this when we seek them, and through them take action to serve and lead. 

The gift or return? Wellbeing for all and regenerative, successful businesses.  Who would trade that for material short-term grasping at fleeting moments and material goods that feel meaningless in comparison to the beauty of nature and our relationship with it and our planet community.

It’s these long-term connections that promote our health – Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul. Interconnected thinking is required for New Leadership to cultivate flourishing work cultures and communities.

DM or email me at christine@boostyourbrilliance.com to discover your place and Purpose in this vision and reconnect to your life affirming gifts.  It’s time.

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Author Christine Freeland, Founder Sirius Leadership – Guiding Star for Harmony