Caring Connections - Highest Purpose Course


If you are looking for Balance, Inner Peace, and a Deeper Connection to Your Own Essence, this course is definitely for you!

You will be able to expand your connections and deepen the connection with your inner self to fully live your soul’s path.

For many thousands of years, human beings lived in cooperative communities, creating practices that cultivated harmony.  Learning from ancient wisdom and developing new practices to appreciate one another promotes an environment of well being, empowerment, support and cooperation. 

Embrace nature’s wisdom

By expanding wavelengths of harmony & light to merge with other organizations, businesses, and communities.  New possibilities and solutions are discovered, to the benefit of all.

  • Appreciation for life

  • Self-Love

  • Have more energy and resilience

  • Find inner balance

  • Care for All of the living world

  • Care of others

  • With communities & Partners

  • Appreciating others

  • Being open to who others are

  • Heart open

  • Connect to internal intelligence

  • Harmony

  • Energy

  • Shared passions 

  • Shared journey

Course outcomes include the followings:

  • Creating Mycelial Support Networks

  • Life-Affirming Practices

  • How to Integrate other parks, regions, communities, businesses, partners 

  • With like Purposes for a bigger impact.

  • Learn from the Wisdom of Global Tribal Elders

  • Using Energy of Emotions to learn and grow

  • DNA Assessments of the Organizational Ecosystem to identify acupuncture points in areas of “stuck” energy. 

  • Harmony Support Community & Life-Affirming Practices

Develop The Skills You Need For Life

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