Self Paced Course Offering: Harmony with Emotions – Practice and Inquiry

Link to register below fee $25.00 Maya Angelou’s statement that “people will always remember how you made them feel” is not only true, it’s one of the most overlooked skills – how to listen and handle your emotions – which helps you understand the emotions of others. It takes time to build trust, and […]

What if Cave People were the Smart Ones?

What if Cave People were the Smart Ones? What if the Cave People were incredibly evolved and we have been going backwards (devolving) ever since? First, I want to call attention to the term “Cave People”. I believe this word describing a “primitive” culture, would not have been chosen by them. Back to the narrative. […]

Non-Duality of Life and Leadership

Non Duality of Life and Leadership Light or Dark Night or Day Good or Bad Fast or Slow Right or Wrong Our mechanistic society and work cultures have put limits and imposed a simplistic and inaccurate duality upon us. Never is something completely one way in a natural/quantum world of constant change. All we need […]

Get Sirius about Leadership

Get Sirius about Leadership Hey, change is constant and an integral part of the cycles of life. That’s why my newsletter looks a bit different. My evolution as a facilitator of life-affirming practices in leadership, combined with values, purpose, passions, and well-being, has merged together into “Sirius Leadership – Guiding Star for Harmony at Work.” […]

They’ve Got it all WRONG!

They’ve Got it all WRONG! There is a lot of discussion outside of and in workplaces about what leaders “need to do” about changing culture, inspiring employees, increasing engagement, and promoting wellbeing in the workplace. In the continuous struggle to “do more with less”, continuously improve, appear like you are in charge, in control, and […]

Leadership, Love, and Nature

Leadership, Love, and Nature After many years of learning and experience, I have concluded that there is no one best approach to leadership. No one “framework” that solves all the problems and challenges of each day.  We are distinct human beings with diverse experiences interwoven into our belief systems that effect how we operate, who […]

Seeing Organizations with New Eyes

Seeing Organizations with New Eyes I am fortunate to have worked with many talented people in my career across all disciplines, at all levels. Everywhere I looked I was amazed with their gifts and skills. In many cases, this extended far beyond their current roles. Valuable and often times untapped potential.  I realized there was more to being a […]

Everything is Connected – What does it mean?

Everything is Connected – What does it mean? Everything is connected. People ask what I mean by that: Nature, the universe, the human body ecosystem, relationships, communities, organizations, and so much more. Just take the time to notice and you will see. We have developed societies and work cultures that run opposite of these connections, […]

Meeting Doldrums? Change it up.

Meeting Doldrums? Change it up. This newsletter topic is about everyone’s favorite………………. Meetings! What? It’s not your favorite? You mean it’s waaay down toward the bottom of your list of things you like to do? It didn’t even make the list? A large majority of the meetings I have been to, have been excruciatingly dull, unproductive, stifling, and […]